Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Prager slaps butt, fails to ask questions later

Via a posting at Pajamas Media I found this article by Dennis Prager about his efforts to help two junior-high boys who were arrested and jailed for slapping the bottoms of girls at their school.

I think it's ridiculous that these boys were jailed for what they are alleged to have done. At the same time, I have no interest in helping Mr. Prager support them until I receive assurance that Mr. Prager would also support me if I were charged with assault for paddling their asses after I caught them slapping my junior-high-aged daughter's bottom.

Prager concludes with a sentiment I can agree with:

A democracy cannot long survive the contempt more and more Americans feel for American law.
That's a serious matter, and the incident Prager describes is a good illustration of it. However, I have the sense that that some conservatives also want to justify any almost any asinine or inconsiderate thing that boys do because "they're just being boys." I don't know that Mr. Prager holds to this point of view, but it's one for which I have no respect.