Friday, January 13, 2006

Parity among dictators

There is a certain logic in these statements by Hans Blix, but it strikes me as perverse. He seems to take it for granted that the world must live with a cartel of blackmailers.

LONDON, December 9 (IranMania) - The European Union has scope to offer Iran more incentives in exchange for guarantees that Tehran will not build nuclear bombs, former head of the IAEA nuclear watchdog Hans Blix said, according to AFP.

Blix, who has also been the UN's chief weapons inspector in Iraq, said North Korea had obtained more concessions than Iran from Europe.

"I am not convinced that the EU has offered sufficiently interesting things to the Iranians," Blix told AFP on the sidelines of a seminar on nuclear policy in Stockholm.

Iran had been told that it "could expect World Trade Organization membership, access to spare parts for Boeings, and a fuel supply guarantee", Blix said.

"But when you compare these things that have been offered to Iran with what has been offered to North Korea, I am not sure that one is at the negotiations' end," Blix said.